Thursday, February 23, 2012

Roll Ficelle Roll

When I'm craving a sandwich, there's usually not much I can do. The sandwich shops in the neighborhood are pretty lackluster, and sandwich food trucks are few and far between. Fortunately, there's the Rolling Ficelle. It doesn't seem to come to Farragut often, but when it does, it's by far the best option for a sandwich here.

"Ficelle" refers to the type of bread. It's similar to a baguette, but longer and thinner. Like a baguette, it's slightly crispy, but not so you'd break your teeth on it. The truck takes these breads, and piles fresh delicious toppings on them. So far, I've had three of their sandwiches, the Davis, a chicken salad sandwich, the DeKooning, a roast beef sandwich, and the Calder, which is similar to an Italian sub.

I've enjoyed all of the sandwiches I've had here. The DeKooning is probably my favorite -- they add a great horseradish mayo to it which gives it just a little bite. The Davis was my least favorite, but that's because I don't like chicken salad (I missed the "tossed in lemon aioli" part of the description when I was ordering). For a chicken salad sandwich, though, it was very good. The almonds give it a bit of complexity, and they used a light touch on the mayonnaise, which helped a lot.

Sadly, the light touch is also one of the few negatives. (They're also aren't the fastest food truck out there.) I like the DeKooning a lot, but I'd be quite a bit happier if it was a bit more horseradishy. I haven't had the Pollock yet (next time!), a pulled pork sandwich, but if the description of "a hint of jalapeno" is correct, I'll probably think they could kick that up a notch as well.

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