Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Nouveau Carré

The Speakista has been doing a series on tequila drinks lately, and since I generally like his drinks, I was really excited to try one of his tequila drinks. I love tequila for the smokiness and the vegetality it brings to drinks, and I haven't had it for a while, so I was glad for the excuse. Sadly, most of his drinks required ingredients I don't have (seriously, did you need to include mezcal in 75% of them?). But I finally got a chance to try his "Nouveau Carré".

It's really a pretty good drink. It's a bit sweeter than most drinks I make, but that sweetness is balanced out nicely by the vegetal qualities of the tequila. It almost tastes like there's honey in it; I assume that's from the Benedictine. This seems like it would be a good drink to fool around with, switching the Benedictine for other liqueurs to vary the taste. And I suspect I'll do that the next time I'm doing a tequila drink. Recipe after the jump.
1.5 oz reposado or anejo tequila
.75 oz Cocchi Americano
.25 oz Benedictine
2 dashes Peychaud's
I guess the Speakista used a lemon garnish; either that or a dash of lemon bitters may have cut down on the sweetness.

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