Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Tribeca

I really liked the wine we had with dinner tonight, a Chateau Julien 2009 Merlot, but didn't really feel like I wanted to drink more wine. I wanted a cocktail. I don't know much about making cocktails with wine, but I know I like Manhattans, and sweet vermouth is a type of wine, right? So I made a Manhattan, but replaced the sweet vermouth with wine. In an attempt to balance out the different flavor profile, I added extra bitters and a fresh orange peel.

It makes for an interesting combination. It definitely tastes a lot fresher than a typical Manhattan, and it has a really nice finish. But for whatever reason, it's very, very bitter up front. I suspect that that is from the extra bitters, and when I make it again, I'll tone those down. But it looks like this is a good way to make a Manhattan for the summer, when you don't want the heaviness of the traditional Manhattan.

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