Friday, March 23, 2012


Paul has great bread. That's really the first thing to know about it, what you need to remember. It's chewy and soft in the right proportions, with the right amount of salt. It's in Penn Quarter, which means it doesn't have a lot of competition, so it's okay that their sandwiches are a bit basic. Typically I get their most basic sandwich, the "Sandwich Mixte," which is just ham and cheese on bread. Very good bread! Sometimes I'll get the Sandwich Mixte Charlemagne, which is similar to the Mixte, but is on the Charlemagne bread and has some aioli on it. Other times I'll get the Camembert and Raisin, which is Camembert on raisin bread. Very good raisin bread. The bread really makes the sandwiches here, but the toppings don't seem to be exceptional. Still, best place in the neighborhood for this sort of thing.

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