Monday, March 26, 2012

Of the Ordering of Beer

Welcome to Beerjobber, a new site that aims to make finding hard-to-find brews a bit easier. Registration is free and easy; you give them your name and email address, and can fill out an easy to understand survey about what styles of beer you enjoy the most. Once you've registered, you can click on their market to see various lists of beer, such as featured beers and beers recommended for you. The selection looks really good; of the twenty or so beers shown, I hadn't heard of any of them! It also gives you the option to search by brewery, in case you want to find the latest from Bell's or Founder's. It doesn't really work for me to have alcohol delivered to my house, so I won't be trying it for a while, but it definitely looks like I could waste a lot of time and money here.

h/t: Tasting Table

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