Thursday, April 5, 2012


Pepe is the hottest new food truck, featuring Spanish inspired sandwiches from José Andrés. I've been there three times now, and each time was great. The first thing I had there was the Butifarra burger, which consisted of aioli, pork sausage, and brava sauce. The sausage patty was great with a good spiciness to it, and the sauce was so amazing I wanted to lick the wrapper. The Pepito de Ibérico was quite good. For $20, you get Ibérico pork and Serrano ham, with roasted green peppers and aioli. I said it was good, but at that price, I want my food to be heavenly, and the Pepito de Ibérico was not. It was too salty, and the sauce overwhelmed the flavor of the meat. The Pepito de Ternera was my favorite so far. It's a seared beef tenderloin sandwich with  piquillo pepper confit and blue cheese. The tenderloin has a strong enough flavor to balance the sauce, and is exquisitely tender. I'll definitely be back, but I'll probably not bother with the $20 sandwich again.

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