Friday, April 20, 2012

Feasting for the Environment

Photo by Mandy, from flickr.
Apparently, going to an all-you-can-eat oyster festival is good for the environment. Poste is hosting a all day oyster festival they've dubbed Oysterstock. Some might wonder whether eating tons of oysters is good for the environment in a day and age when stocks of oysters have been depleted. Apparently, it's very good, according to the City Paper:
Shells from the day's feast will be collected and replanted to help restore the natural oyster population that filters the Chesapeake Bay. "Each shell collected through our Shell Recycling Alliance program can plant 10 new oysters," says Epkins. "So for every oyster someone eats, there's a potential for 20 new oysters to be planted into our bay." In other words, those 4,000 oysters that have been ordered for the event could potentially foster the homes of upwards of 80,000 new ones.
So eat away, guilt free! An oyster saved is apparently an oyster earned.

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