Friday, January 13, 2012

DC Slices

I first went to DC Slices a few years ago, when they were giving out free slices in anticipation of starting out. I didn't care for them at the time. But a month or two ago, I was getting tired of Pizza Pino, and figured I should give them another shot. I'm glad I did!

They have several different options for pizza, ranging from cheese and pepperoni to buffalo chicken and sausage and onion. I usually get the pepperoni, because that's how I roll. Today I was feeling a little wild, so I got the sausage and onion. Assuming you aren't intending on kissing anyone any time soon (or have someone who is contractually obligated to -- hi honey!), it's a great option. The onion is nice and crispy, and the sausage is actual slices from actual sausages, rather than the desiccated pellets you usually get in places like this. Not only that, but you get fresh basil on your pizza! Definitely worth a look if you like pizza and this truck is in your area.

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