Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Shaw's Tavern

We went to Shaw's Tavern the other day for a couple drinks and an appetizer. After such a long drama, it's nice to see it finally open. The decor is pretty nice, evoking 19th century tavern while being a bit more upscale. And that phrase describes the whole enterprise: "A bit more upscale." The menu is largely bar food type options, but a bit more upscale. We had the pork belly on grits with a fried egg along with a bowl of peanuts. The peanuts were also a bit more upscale -- they included cocoa nibs and lavender salt. The pork belly was great, full of nice fatty unctuousness and good, quality grits. The peanuts were less successful. The nibs settled to the bottom of the bowl, and the nuts were far too salty.

The drink selection is nice, though nothing to write home about. I had a Dirty Bastard from Founder's, and my wife had Chocolate City's Cerveza Nacional, both good beers. My biggest problem with Shaw's was the service. It wasn't bad, per se, other than ignoring us when we had empty beer glasses. It just left us cold; there wasn't much friendliness or warmth or even personality in the service. It's this that makes Shaw's Tavern, however nice the food is, our least favorite bar in Shaw.

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