Wednesday, August 8, 2012

I found my Mojo!

As I've mentioned before, if you want a classic sandwich, the Rolling Ficelle is probably your best bet, at least among food trucks. But sometimes you want something with a bit more character, and that's where the Mojo sandwich truck comes in. They serve four types chivito sandwiches: pork, chicken, beef, or vegetarian. The classic comes with mojo sauce, tomatoes, cheese, lettuce, and an egg but you can also upgrade to the Canadian, which adds ham, or the Special, which adds avocado.

The first time I tried the truck, I got the special. That's a lot of sandwich, and to be honest, more sandwich than I need, so lately I've been getting just the classic, which is more than enough. The sandwiches come on a nice soft Italian loaf, toasted on the inside to give it just a bit of crispiness. What really makes the sandwiches shine is the quality of the ingredients. The bread is soft, but sturdy enough for even the special sandwiches. The pork is tender and juicy, with enough crispy bits to give the sandwich some texture. The tomatoes are meaty, and the egg and cheese give a good creaminess. The mojo sauce adds some tang, but there's not so much that it overwhelms the other ingredients (or gets all over your pants). In the middle of a long day, the Mojo sandwiches really hit the spot.

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