Thursday, June 21, 2012

Nut Butter Pouches

I find culinary innovations fascinating, especially when they come in pouch form. You see, it's a good idea, on longer runs, to have food to re-energize you midway through. Since you don't want to be carrying too much weight, or bulk, pouches work great. Unfortunately, most of the food that comes in pouches is goo. Actually, one of the brands is actually called Gu. This is less than appetizing, as you can imagine. So I was excited when I read, on Serious Eats, that there was a company that made nut butter pouches! I was a little bit demoralized when my wife told me that not only did she know about these things, we took some with us when we went to New Orleans for the half-marathon. So I guess it's not really anything new to me, it's just more exciting after you've actually tried Clif Shots.


  1. If you actually know of a local place that sells these, I would love to know where.

  2. Allyson thinks she got them at Yes or at the Tenleytown Whole Foods.

  3. Chris, if you don't like Clif Shots, there's all sorts of other stuff that has similar effects that you might like better. Jelly Belly makes energy beans (though normal jelly beans would probably work), and Fleet Feet has some waffle-looking things that look similar to those Dutch ones you like. I can pick you up one if you want to try it...