Tuesday, January 8, 2013

20 Things You Should Believe If You Want to Feel Morally Superior to "Foodies"

First we feast has a slideshow listing "20 Things Everyone Thinks About the Food World (But Nobody Will Say)." Nevermind that first on our list of internet tropes to avoid is the slideshow, it's a pretty though provoking list. Some of it, like 'most people just want wine that tastes like wine' is pretty banal. Others like "The sustainable food movement is only relevant to rich white people" are likely false. But it's an amusing read. My favorite? Tex-mex food is better than authentic Mexican:
Why do we, in food media, discount so heartily Americanized ethnic foods? Many bastard cuisines, from red-sauce Italian to Americanized Chinese food, deserve more praise for the distinct styles of cooking they've become. Tex Mex is so often looked down upon by the fooderati for its reliance on cheese, sauce, and beans. SO FUCKING WHAT? Go ahead and look down on a combo meal for being heavy, then go stuff your face with Frédéric Morin's version of the double down at Joe Beef. That's right—you are a hypocritical glutton! Sorry, we've become violent… The point here is not to fight fire with fire, but rather to suggest that Tex Mex is worth vaulting into the pantheon of real American food. Ever had a fajita in San Antonio? That shit is transcendental. And no amount of Rick Bayless can stop it.
 Which of course harkens back to this post of mine: "Authenticity in Food".

h/t: The Gray Report.

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