Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Uptown Tap Room Grand Opening

I was sad, a few months ago, when the venerable Irish pub the 4 Ps announced it was closing. It seemed like a decent sort of place, though I'm rarely enough in Cleveland Park that I was almost never there. But its replacement, Uptown Tap Room, had a grand opening last Friday, so it seemed worth checking out.

The interior is still pretty recognizable, everything's still in the same place, but it looked nicer. The furnishing weren't as worn as the 4 P's were. There was even an oyster bar, which is appreciated. 

We were served a sampling of appetizers, as well as an entree and a sampling of desserts. The appetizers -- pork wings, pork tacos, garlic hummus, and crab dib -- were all pretty good, and probably the highlight of the night. For the entrees, I had the mushroom risotto, and my wife had the crab cakes. Both were fine, if not exceptional. It seems like this is going to be a nice place for you if you live near Cleveland Park and want to grab something slightly better than typical bar food for dinner, but don't necessarily want to go to Dino or Ripple; or if you want to grab some appetizers and watch the game.

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