Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Black & Orange

Once, there was a burger joint in DC called Rogue States. It had good burgers, named the best in DC by USA Today, and a good location in Dupont Circle. The location had one downside, however. It was next door to a law firm. The Steptoe & Johnson lawyers complained about having to smell burgers all day, sued, and won. During the shutdown, the chef opened a new spot just off of U St, and named it Black & Orange.

Black & Orange has a pretty stripped down ordering process. You decide if you want a big burger (1/2 pound) or a smaller one (1/4 pound). They have a bunch of different styles of burger, like a jerk burger or a curry burger. You decide if you want it pink or not pink, and what toppings you want. They have soda, beer, and wine to drink.

The burgers are good. I'm not convinced of the best burger in D.C. label, but they're definitely a cut above McDonald's or Five Guys. They're also cheap; a quarter pound burger will run you just $6. I've had their plain ("Square One"), the jerk burger, and the "Rogue State," which reminds me of a cajun burger. The seasonings on the flavored burgers were definitely noticeable, but not overwhelming. If anything, they could stand to kick it up a notch. The buns are potato buns, and have just the right amount of give to stand up to the burgers without being overly assertive. Overall, quite good, but if I'm not worried about costs, I'd rather go to Desperado's around the corner.

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